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  • Pluralistic All-Scene Payment

    Online B2B, B2C payment

    Quick payment

    Code payment

    Personal computer, mobile terminal, convenient, fast, and safe

  • Cross-Border Remittance

    Support both foreign exchange and cross-border RMB transfer

    Real-time exchange rate, within half an hourat the soonest

    Support various currencies

    Support full-amount remittance

  • Cross-Border Collection

    Support both foreign exchange and cross-border

    RMB collection

    Support various currencies

    Support both corporate and individual merchants

  • Document Delivery to the Customs

    After real name authentication of the payment information, the relevant documents will be delivered to the customs for clearance.

    Cover various customs and ports.

Product Advantages

  • Real-time exchange, no risk of exchange rate loss.

  • Cover various currencies, free exchange

  • Cross-border payment for both RMB and foreign currencies

  • Cover various customs and ports

  • Bi-direction service of both exchange purchasing and settlement,flexible settlement

  • Easy connecting, API + merchant platform

  • Support full-amount remittance

  • Convenient payment

Voices From Clients

  • YeePay provides very attentive service,
    both before and after sales.

  • YeePay’s transfer is very quick.
    The boss is particularly satisfied with it.

  • YeePay provides better and better payment experience
    and can make product optimization according to our needs. It is really good for us.

  • Our CEO trust in YeePay,
    because fund safety is guaranteed.

  • With self-help operation platform and API interface,
    Yeepay is very convenient to use.